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Our teaching method here at Japanasu is a little different from other Japanese learning websites. We teach Japanese grammar from the very start. We have found that teaching students grammar first gives them a solid foundation from which they can then build upon. It also means that students can confidently string together sentences from day one. As they absorb more vocabulary, they are then able to creatively apply the rules in order to construct a wide variety of new sentences.

Original Art from Moritani-sensei

Our partnership with Seedtime Multilingual started in the fall of 2019. In fact, Toni Stillman, the founder and president of Seedtime Multilingual, Inc., used to be a private student of Aki Moritani, who is the head teacher at Japanasu. Toni approached us in 2019 about the possibility of partnering up and the rest is history! We are very excited about the prospect of teaching Japanese to under-privelidged students and to make a difference to their lives.  Seedtime Multilingual students not only get free courses, but they also are provided with one-to-one skype lessons to ensure they are progressing well. Who knows what opportunities will lie ahead for them in the future! Let’s plant seeds together for a better future!

At Japanasu we are always looking for enthusiastic article writers! Topics can be anything to do with Japanese language or culture. Contributors are rewarded with free access to all our courses and premium content! Check out our articles page here to see some examples, some of which are written by us and some by our contributors. Email info.japanasu@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a contributor.


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