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My foreign language journey began during my mid-stage career employment as a Buyer with a major multinational chemical company in Memphis, TN. I met two Japanese Technical Specialists, visitors from Japan, and shared an admiration for the principal person at our U.S. Affiliate with Japanese Language ability, Dr. Mohan Karve.  He tolerated my clumsy attempt at improving my cultural understanding and embracing the language.

A simple desire to exchange greetings in Japanese language led me on a life-long journey to cultural awareness in Japanese language learning and teaching. I completed the Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching, matriculated through Michigan State University (MAFLT). As an early-career teacher, I am a passionate advocate of foreign language acquisition for its cultural and socio-economic value to students.


After working in the public sector  for over 30 years, I am finally able to focus solely on improving the experience of language learners of all ages and backgrounds. With a passion for literacy, bi-literacy, and multicultural learning, Seedtime has been created to engage learners in literacy, language, and culture, emphasizing improving outcomes in underserved communities.