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What is your language curiosity?  In other words, what interests, baffles, or gets under your skin about language learning?  Of course, if you are a heritage speaker, you already have a (non-English) first language (L1).  I know of parent complaints about their children of Hispanic or Asian heritage, who lacks skill in their heritage language; instead, showing preference toward English, with little or no interest in their ” mother tongue.”  Or, maybe you are struggling with a second language (L2), perhaps struggling with English. In some countries where several languages are spoken, English is used as the primary language of communication, a kind of lingua franca,“a language of commerce and widely used as such.  As our program receives funding support through donations and grants, in addition to Japanese Language, our site will offer a menu of other languages, including English langauge tutoring, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. This site is also translation capable, scroll down to bottom of ‘Home Page’ and choose your language to join us in making language and culture great again!

As a healthy reminder and a means of rejuvenation, think about when you first met (began to listen, learn, speak) “the language you’re in.” Revive that feeling of never wanting to stop practicing, peeling away pages of a language dictionary, and piecing together words, stumbling over grammar, straining through audio and (and most recently, video). Did you make a complete fool of yourself, trying?  Good!  This is how language is learned, with great effort and lots of self-motivation.

My interest in Japanese language began with a chance meeting while working at a multinational chemical company in Memphis, TN.  Prior to meeting Kaoru Matsuyama and Takeshi Suzuki, I had no interest in the language nor Japanese culture.  My curious view of the world was crowded from the perspective of single-parenting, work-a-lifestyle-work-a-holic, with the usual trials and error of the day-to-day.

But for a chance meeting, I became interested in two strangers, whose benevolent mannerisms captured my attention,  forged a path to pursuing foreign language and culture that still exists to this day. I still enjoy learning (and teaching) Japanese langauge, To add to my language curiousity, I am studying to meet the rigors of HSK 3 for Mandarin Chinese. 

Curious about Japanese language and culture, a beloved interest in Manga or Anime? Are you a student of another foreign language, or holding a desire to improve your speaking, reading, writing in English? Please share your language journey here. Join the language and culture revolution of enthusiasts and otherwise interested observers all over the world. Click on Language Learners! Students and learners, followers are welcome to share your stories, query your language curiosity, here. Grow with us.



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