Welcome to our website!

Seedtime Multilingual, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.  It was conceived by the founder, with the purpose of offering services to all language learners and language and culture enthusiasts.  We endeavor to improve foreign language acquisition and cultural awareness in rural communities for all learners.  An additional target focus is to increase the numbers of learners in African American communities.

Our goals:

  • provide service to 1000 learners in the Mississippi Gulfcoast region, over a four-year period.
  • Learners who study a language with Seedtime Multilingual teacher(s), tutors, language labs, for six months will be able to communicate at a basic level in their chosen target language. Assistance to further acquire accuracy and fluency will be provided.
  • Learners who study with Seedtime Multilingual for one year will join a pool of students for selection to participate in study-abroad opportunity.

Your contributions can help improve global communication!

  • volunteers are needed to assist with office duties (some positions are paid)
  • financial support for current and future projects
  • join the bi-lingual revolution by encouraging foreign language learning and cultural competence
  • subscribe to our website and comment or blog