Welcome to our website!

Seedtime Multilingual, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.  It was conceived by the founder, with the purpose of offering services to all language learners and language and culture enthusiasts.  We endeavor to improve foreign language acquisition and cultural awareness in rural communities for all learners and encourage foreign language education and increase language proficiency for African American students.

Our goals:

  • Match language learning opportunities to individual learning styles
  • Provide digital language in reading and writing (in the target Language)
  • Build partnerships and collaboration with educational institutions to provide foreign language courses
  • Award grant/scholarships to students of Linguistics or Foreign language majors/minors
  • Free internet connection during Covid 19 shutdown for student bloggers (blog about your language learning journey or foreign language teacher, etc.)

Financial Contributions support

  • language and culture education – (teacher and student grants)
  • current and future projects that build resources for learner engagement
  • On-site and digital tools used in foreign language and cultural awareness education
  • volunteers to participate in foreign language exploratory and action research