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Seedtime Multilingual, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, organized to bring foreign language education to individual language learners, schools, and educational organizations. Budgets and other restrictions often limit access to foreign language courses. As a service provider, we offer students the opportunity to study a foreign language as an extracurricular program or enroll in an elective course at your school. Through collaboration with schools, Seedtime Multilingual provides access to skilled native and nonnative language teachers. With community and industry support, together, we will improve foreign language acquisition and cultural awareness education in rural communities for all learners. We endeavor to increase the number of African American students studying foreign languages and cultural awareness.


  • Foreign language and culture exposure in the Mississippi Gulfcoast regions.
  • Provide on-line classes for schools and colleges, individual and group lessons.
  • Extend course offerings to include: American Sign Language, Arabic, English as a Second Language (ESL), Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese (course offerings vary with resources; please contact our office).
  • Customize on-line courses for industry professionals with content-based language learning (military, healthcare, manufacturing).