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Dr. Gladius Lewis


¨ The University of London, England; graduated with B.S. (Mechanical Engineering) in 1972.

¨ The University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England; graduated with Ph.D. (Metallurgy and Materials Science) in 1976.

Professional Experience

¨ December 1976 to November 1983: Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the Universities of Zambia and Zimbabwe

¨ December 1983 to December 1986:  Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama

¨ January 1987 to August 1993:  Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee

¨ September 1993 to date: Professor of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee

Current Research Areas

Orthopaedic biomaterials; Orthopaedic biomechanics


Two textbooks; 220 articles in archival peer-review journals; 50 presentations at regional, national, and international professional meetings; and 30 reviews of engineering textbooks


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Ashwin V. Parikh

International Business Development

Ashwin V. Parikh is the Managing Director of International Business Development – a single person, liaison, mentoring and philanthropic – globally. http://www.linkedin.com/in/ashwin2008

Education and Business Experience

He has Master of Science in Industrial Administration and Chemical Engineering degrees from USA and B.Sc. (Chemistry) degree from INDIA.   During 40 years in USA, ( SEP-1967 to APR-2007 ), he has worked with many large multinational companies.      

Industry focused lectures on : Adhesives, Coatings, Coatings – Courses for College Students, Emulsion Polymers – Formulations and Testings, Inks, Laboratory Set-Up -Short, Long Term Testing Coatings and Related, Paints, Quality Control & Total Quality Control Management,  Soft skills training seminars, Solvents to Water-borne coatings-conversion, and Training -Technical and Non-technical groups. 


He is a Mentor – Motivational – Spiritual – Essential ( Soft ) Skills Trainer -Technical Speaker & Technocrat ; serving academics, individuals, industries and organizations; since APR-2007 in India.


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Christopher Barnoud

Chris Barnoud is retired as a chemical engineer, operations manager and business executive in specialty chemical manufacturing.

Chris is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from Chimie Paris Tech (previously École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris) and has a Master of Business Administration – Finance from the University of Memphis.

Chris worked for thirty years at Buckman in Memphis, where he started as a process engineer, held various production and engineering positions before being promoted to Vice President – Operations for Buckman International, reporting to the company’s CEO for all safety and environmental matters, all engineering functions and as a global team leader for various manufacturing and supply chain initiatives.  He was also a product manager for PMC Biogenix, facility manager for Studsvik and a faculty member in charge of renewable energies and biofuels at Mid-South Community College, all in the greater Memphis area.

Chris is still active as an assistant to municipal elected officials, as a team member of the Green Church initiative in his diocese and in the steering council of his parish with specific missions in strategic planning and communication.

Chris is fluent in both English and French and currently resides, works and volunteers in Grenoble, France.


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Aki Moritani

Professional Experience

Aki Moritani – Japanese teacher. and SeedtimeML partner.  My journey as a Japanese teacher began during an internship as a Japanese teacher’s assistant at Sand Lake elementary school, Alaska USA (2008-2009). This challenging experience ignited a passion within me for teaching, which led me to study further after the internship. While working full-time, I obtained the following National Teaching Certifications: English (2012), and Cambridge University CELTA (2014). I also completed a 420 hour Advanced Japanese Teacher Training Course to start my career as a Japanese teacher. After moving to the UK, I began teaching private Japanese lessons to individuals and groups. I also created my own online Udemy courses from scratch (from beginner-level to advanced-level). I also worked for a popular online Japanese learning website, Nihongo Master. (2016- 2017), creating lessons and answering customers questions. Recently I have launched a brand new Japanese language website called JAPANASU.I put all my experience into the website. My aim is for people to learn Japanese language in a simple and visually fun way. Also, they can learn about Japanese culture there.  In collaboration with the Seedtime Multilingual mission, This is my new journey as a Japanese teacher!