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Dr. Gladius Lewis


¨ The University of London, England; graduated with B.S. (Mechanical Engineering) in 1972.

¨ The University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England; graduated with Ph.D. (Metallurgy and Materials Science) in 1976.

Professional Experience

¨ December 1976 to November 1983: Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the Universities of Zambia and Zimbabwe

¨ December 1983 to December 1986:  Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama

¨ January 1987 to August 1993:  Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee

¨ September 1993 to date: Professor of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee

Current Research Areas

Orthopaedic biomaterials; Orthopaedic biomechanics


Two textbooks; 220 articles in archival peer-review journals; 50 presentations at regional, national, and international professional meetings; and 30 reviews of engineering textbooks


Ashwin V. Parikh

International Business Development

Ashwin V. Parikh is the Managing Director of International Business Development – a single person, liaison, mentoring and philanthropic – globally. http://www.linkedin.com/in/ashwin2008

Education and Business Experience

He has Master of Science in Industrial Administration and Chemical Engineering degrees from USA and B.Sc. (Chemistry) degree from INDIA.   During 40 years in USA, ( SEP-1967 to APR-2007 ), he has worked with many large multinational companies.      

Industry focused lectures on : Adhesives, Coatings, Coatings - Courses for College Students, Emulsion Polymers - Formulations and Testings, Inks, Laboratory Set-Up -Short, Long Term Testing Coatings and Related, Paints, Quality Control & Total Quality Control Management,  Soft skills training seminars, Solvents to Water-borne coatings-conversion, and Training -Technical and Non-technical groups. 


He is a Mentor – Motivational – Spiritual – Essential ( Soft ) Skills Trainer -Technical Speaker & Technocrat ; serving academics, individuals, industries and organizations; since APR-2007 in India.


Vivian Watts

Personal Profile

I am a native of  Gulfport, Mississippi.  With many educational interests and pursuits, my experience, the most challenging was Jr college, where I excelled in Journalism Studies.  As fate and faith would have it, my talents and passion for infants and children lead me to a dedicated career path in nursery and childcare advocacy.

I am an active member of my church, where I teach in the Christian Education Department. I am also active in the local Community Theater.  With a talent for singing and acting, as time allows, I participate in events with various community choirs.


Aki Moritani

Professional Experience

Aki Moritani - Japanese Teacher My journey as a Japanese teacher began during an internship as a Japanese teacher’s assistant at SandLake elementary school, Alaska USA (2008-2009). This challenging experience ignited a passion within me for teaching, which led me to study further after the internship. While working full-time, I obtained the following National Teaching Certifications: English (2012), and Cambridge University CELTA (2014). I also completed a 420 hour Advanced Japanese Teacher Training Course to start my career as a Japanese teacher. After moving to the UK, I began teaching private Japanese lessons to individuals and groups. I also created my own online Udemy courses from scratch (from beginner-level to advanced-level). I also worked for a popular online Japanese learning website, Nihongo Master. (2016- 2017), creating lessons and answering customers questions. Recently I have launched a brand new Japanese language website called JAPANASU.I put all my experience into the website. My aim is for people to learn Japanese language in a simple and visually fun way. Also, they can learn about Japanese culture there.  In collaboration with the Seedtime Multilingual mission, This is my new journey as a Japanese teacher!